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The Trial
Birth Pains
New Birth
We, the Last Generation
Faith is a Clear Understanding
A Loophole in God's Law
The Real Mount Sinai
Authority by Revelation
Why does God let Bad Things happen to Believers
Finding Our Place in the Body
On Mount Transfiguration
Signs of the End of the Ages
The Commandments of Men
They asked Jesus Three Questions
We are the Last Generation
Placing the Church in History
Reformation and Restoration of the Church
Clever Country or a Nation with No Birthright
The Seed of Two Trees, the Fruit of Diverse Branches
How Should We Pray?
Setting the Stage for the Dark Ages
The Thyatira Church Age
The Keys to the Kingdom
Christianity Outlawed
Pentecost Types the Gentile Dispensation
Passing the Life through the Body
Separation from Unbelief
We Have Seen His Star in the West
A Light over Bethlehem
Conspiracy to Destroy Our Society
Oneness in the Faith
Mathematical Probability that Jesus is the Christ
Dope Inc.,
The Token
The Law of Death versus the Lord of Life
The World is going Insane
A Conspiracy of Self Interest
A Nation Enslaved by Folly
The Truth of Easter
Shadows and Types
Three Compulsory Feasts
Types and Shadows in Sacrifice and Temple
Look and Live
What do You See when You Look?
Do You Believe in Angels?
Tell the Truth
Why We Are Not A Denomination
God's Wrapped Gift
God's Unwanted Christmas Gift
Why is Australia Degenerating?
The Convention on the Rights of the Child - 1/2
The Convention on the Rights of the Child - 2/2
America - A Nation in Denial
Understanding Life
The NWO - Communism, Alive and Well
Role of the Original Sin in the Purpose of God 1/2
Role of the Original Sin in the Purpose of God 2/2
Revelation Chapter Four 1/3
Revelation Chapter Four 2/3
Revelation Chapter Four 3/3
Scenario for Disaster
Christ in You
The Source of Intellectual and Artistic Wealth
Is There Life on Mars?
Revelation Chapter Five
The Stature of A Perfect Man
The Natural Types The Spiritual
Repopulating the Earth
The Millennium Bug
Amos 3:7 refers to our Day
Conspiracy World
Christ's Mediation
When the NWO sets in, You'll know the Tribulation has Begun
Overcoming Present Conditions by the Present Truth
Letter to America
What Happened in 1963
Contrasting Faith and Sin
Immorality means: Crime against Human Nature
Then Jesus Came
How do I Get Into Christ?
Spiritual Marriage & Divorce
The Baptism with the Holy Ghost
Jim Checkin' In
Y2K - the Millennium Bug
One World Worship for All
The Year 2000 Computer Problem
The End of the World in 1977?
The Gods of the Copybook Headings
World Genocide by a Self-styled Mutant 'Master Race'
A Sad but Holy God - As it was in the Days of Lot
Pastor Joe Indicts City of London Stooges
Science, Y2K, the MAI and Slavery
Creating Conditions for World War III
Bringing Home the Bacon
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