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Christians are those of Adam's race who have been born the second time. . . Spiritually. The fact we require a second birth indicates something was not right with our physical first birth. It points to how procreation began and to the original sin between Eve and the Serpent, a man-like creature before God changed his form and put him on his belly.

Eve disbelieved God, and when Adam took her back he forfeited our birthright—dominion over earth—to Satan. God's penalty upon all who come under Satan's dominion by unbelief in His Word is death. As a consequence we are all formed in iniquity, conceived in sin, born into a world ruled by Satan, and separated from the Presence of God.

Sin is UNBELIEF in the revealed Word of God. Unlike Eve we did not choose to sin but were born under nature's fallen state, so God made a way whereby we can be redeemed.

The word "god" means "object of worship". He requires our worship, so sin or unbelief in His will is an affront worthy of death. The worship God requires is not a public expression like church attendance and hymn-singing, which we should do. He requires we worship by manifesting our faith or understanding of His will so His revealed Word "lives" through us for all to see.

We are inheritors of death through Satan when we should be heirs of Life through God. That Life Adam lost by taking Eve back could only be restored if a man born of woman who conceived by faith in God's Word (not lust) voluntarily surrendered His righteous life in our behalf. Such a kinsman Redeemer would necessarily be the firstborn of a virgin in order to be the acceptable substitute for our lives as foreshadowed by the firstborn lamb Israel offered to God.

In the six-thousand years since Adam, only one Man has met these requirements. His Name was Jesus Christ. He was born, ministered and sacrificed his life, then rose again from the grave precisely as foretold by all the prophets, shadows and types—and even the stars of heaven.

In His death and resurrection, Jesus identified His righteous life with undeserving, underserving man so that we by faith may voluntarily identify with His Life, dying to the desires of our mortal spirit and corruptible flesh, and living according to God's Word. This is the "new birth" by which the Word that once dwelt in the flesh of one Man, our Lord Jesus Christ, now lives and reigns in the flesh of many Christian men and women, boys and girls.

Faith is a clear understanding of the will of God recorded as His Word, the Holy Bible. Christians are they whose lives manifest the Word prophesied for THEIR day. The only part of His Word God can bless and fulfill in our lives is what He foretold for our day.

How can I be Born-Again?

A First you must see Jesus Christ is God manifest in the form of a virgin-born Man to pay sin's penalty for you.

You must recognize Him not as a second, third or any fraction but the fullness of the nature and character of the One Person of God expressed in a Man.

This revelation or understanding is called "justification by grace through faith." And to show that faith is genuine you must repent of your past unbelief and wrongdoing, taking scriptural water baptism by immersion in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the remission of past sins.

B Second, you must live your life according to His Word.     Up until now you—your soul—has lived to serve the

desires of your mortal spirit and flesh. From here on you must live to serve God's Word.

You will become better acquainted with His will as you familiarise yourself with His Word. Not by learning It, good as that is, but by understanding what It MEANS. The better you understand Him, the more you will please Him as you modify your life to conform with His Word.

Wherever your life does not match His Word, quickly you repent and determine that in future your life will reflect His holy will. Correction is an ongoing experience of Christian growth instilling "sanctification" or scriptural holiness.

C Third is the baptism with the Holy Spirit which is the "new birth."   When you recognize the Word for YOUR

day, and see It automatically coming to pass in YOUR life, you know you are born-again. A written epistle, read and known of all men.

According to Jesus Christ, the infallible evidence of the new birth is a clear understanding of the Word for YOUR day and of future events that will come to pass in YOUR Age (John 16:13).

To commence, I suggest you download and SAVE "Unveiling The Mystery of the GODHEAD" to a directory on your HDD. The most important of all revelations is the Supreme Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, clearly set forth Scripturally on this PowerPoint presentation.

The following articles published in "The Strategy" provide a concise Scriptural elaboration of the points mentioned above with key thoughts indexed for your convenience. Further explanations may be found in our Radio Broadcasts, Teaching Sermons, FREE weekly Church Newsletter and other areas on the Website.

Walk In The Light – 5KB

Unless we walk in the Light God is manifesting now, we are not and cannot come under the blood or be born-again
The Book of Revelation is the actual revelation of Jesus, Himself, in the church and His work in the future Ages
the revelation of God for each age can come in that age only, and at a specific time
All seven Church Ages have been fulfilled

As It Was In The Days of Noah - 7KB

The Bible is the story of God unfolding Himself or changing His form
Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the unchanging God
Christians know that the only evolution was in the creative mind of God
God hates hybreeding, whether between species, or adding to and taking from His Word
The spirit of fornication is the spirit of organization
Did you know the original sin resulted in adultery?
Jesus prophesied the evil conditions of Noah's day would repeat in the end-time

Recognizing Your Day and Its Message – 6KB

In every Age there was a Portion of Word and a people foreknown by God who would become written epistles of His Word
The saints of each of these Ages recognized their day and its Message, and became born-again, or written epistles of that Message
We live in the days of the apostasy of the church, the days of the God's LAST Message to the Gentiles

Loving The Lord, Yet Spiritually Bankrupt – 7KB

We live in the day of apostasy, the day of God's LAST Message to the Gentiles, which calls His people out from a church headed for the Tribulation and a Lake of Fire
We talk about our knowledge and science, but are fighting a losing battle in all fields
They are spiritually poor, blind to the signs of the time and not under the Blood of Christ
These are they who've become blind because they refused the Word of God

Soon Cometh the Earthquake – 7KB

Pity the poor people who are in this last day ecumenical move, for they call it the move of God, when it is of Satan
Then there is all this talk about the glossalalia, or tongues

People have it all. They know it all. They cannot be taught
God promised a prophet to the church at the end of the Laodicean Age, but they were blind to all that he is, did and said

Faith, and a Christ-like Character – Gold tried in The Fire – 5KB

The counsel of God is terse. It is to the point  

Why Is it so Hard to Live the Christian Life? – 6KB

We're in the greatest battle ever fought
Once we're born-again, the Bible becomes a new Book. Suddenly It makes sense
Christians are not sinners

The Anointing is not emotions; the Anointing is Supreme Power in control

As It was in The Days of Lot – 5KB

Jesus said the moral and spiritual condition of those two Gentile cities would repeat
This was the last Sign Jesus promised before the end of the Gentile Dispensation
God HAS revealed the Son of man by the Messianic Sign
Like Abraham, Christ's Bride is just waiting for her new body

A Prophet to the Gentiles – 5KB

Jesus promised a prophet in the spirit and power of Elijah would RESTORE the church to the faith of their apostolic fathers BEFORE the Tribulation
Multitudes who claim to have the Holy Spirit actually believe John the Baptist was the Elijah of Malachi 4
Two thousand years have passed since John, and the day of the Lord has still not come
Peter said that every soul which will not hear that prophet will not be restored, and shall be destroyed from among the people

When Love Projects – 5KB

Love should govern the home
I'm sure many of us have confused phileo for agapao love
Love has no fear. Love casts out fear
Love is not based on legalism

The Majority is ALWAYS Wrong . . . – 4KB

The 'way' is the section in the center of the road that is raised
Jesus said the broad way leads to destruction

That Day Shall Not Overtake You as A Thief – 5KB

The angel who guided John through the book of Revelation from 1:1 to 22:21 was William Branham
Brother Branham could not know the mystery of the Seven Seals until Christ had finished His Mediation, taken the Book and opened the Seals
Without a prophet, there could be no second Coming for the second Coming or 'parousia' is the Fullness of the Word which can come only to a prophet
As Jesus was the first mature Son of them that slept, the prophet He sent in our day was under complete pre-eminence to the Word. He was the first ripe of those who are Christ's at His parousia, or Coming

The Coming of The Son of Man, or Christ's 'Parousia' – 5KB

After the last saint predestinated to the Laodicean or Pentecostal Age was redeemed, Christ's Mediatorial Office was finished
The 'parousia' or Presence of Christ is the Fullness of the Word, not a Man
He came in WORD Form through the mouth of the 'Elijah'

Prophet, Priest, and King – 5KB

Jesus is Prophet, Priest, and King – but He is not all three at once
He returns in the Office of Son of Man. This is the mystery Coming or rapture only the elect can see
'The kingdom of God cometh not with observation, for the kingdom of God is within you'
The Son of man has returned in WORD Form through the mouth of a prophet, precisely as the Bible foretold
Around the world, multitudes recognized God's prophet, but few understand how he introduced the Second Coming

The Interpretation of the Word of God – 4KB

The Bible is God's thoughts expressed, hence It is called the Word of God
He interprets His Word by bringing It to pass
At Sinai, God gave assurance He would never speak directly to men but reveal His will through a vindicated prophet
Bible colleges generally do notbelieve God could send a prophet nowadays

God's Chosen People – 6KB

God chose His Church in love
Israel was chosen to bring Light to the Gentiles but they failed to walk in that Light
God said, 'I will establish my covenant between Me and thee and thy SEED after thee
Largely of Turkish extraction these people were never 'strangers' in Egypt or in Palestine, but built an empire in the Caucasus
Once the last elected Seed has been quickened, the Church is finished
if you are a Child of God, you will know who you are and not be deceived

Spiritual Amnesia – 9KB

Luke 21 prophesies the legacy of the Laodicean Age that ended in 1963
The world is suffering from Spiritual amnesia, but it is becoming to us to fulfill all righteousness
Australians have forgotten their Christian heritage
This century has witnessed the gradual demise of 2,000 years of Western (Christian) civilization
We have allowed our women to vote and to usurp authority over men
Laodicea means 'people's rights,' egalitarianism, or communism
Government calls us 'the clever people,' seducing by flattery, as the Serpent beguiled Eve

Satan's Eden – 12KB

The coming New World Order
I recommend you read 'The Keys of This Blood'
the communists see the NWO as the logical evolution and maturity of socialism whereby God is materialism
The ambition of the Transnationalists and Internationalists
the Universal Roman church
Bible students know Rome WILL rule the NWO
There is not a great deal to distinguish between these three contenders
The Gentile dispensation ends with a massive earthquake
Russia will attack, and invade mainland USA
Revelation 13 shows the power of the Roman Catholic Church and what she will do through organization
Daniel and Jesus have already prophesied Rome will win this contest